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How to get rid of gambling addiction in a bookmaker's office?

Betting on sports is a gambling way of spending leisure time. Maximum 5% of bettors make regular profit. Why do the remaining 95% of players make bets? Certainly not in order to be in the red all the time. Such people should not be interested in the question of enrichment, but how to get rid of gambling addiction in a bookmaker's office.

It is a severe psychological disease, the complexity of which is comparable to alcoholism or drug addiction. Let's proceed to the main thing at once and let's understand how to cure the addiction of betting on sports.

How to get rid of an addiction?

These tips and actions will be effective when you are constantly plunking down money in the BK but have not yet begun to borrow from your acquaintances and take out loans. Treatment will help if you can't live a day without betting.

First, you need to admit that you are an addict. This is not easy. Most, being addicted, will deny the fact, although to others it is obvious. It is not a problem to quit betting in words, but when it comes to business, there are reasons.

Second, clearly understand why you want to bet. If you want to earn, stop making random bets. Analyze events, use gaming and financial strategies, or develop your own.

Third, set an amount that you can lose without sacrificing your life. Let it be paid for some kind of entertainment and in case you lose, you will not become nervous.

Fourth, take breaks. Take a break, there's no need for instant gratification. Distract yourself, perhaps for a few days. Go to nature, take time for your family. Many people are helped by shopping - the joy of shopping will really allow you to forget. An effective tool is asleep.

If the above measures have no effect and the situation is only deteriorating, you need to act drastically or seek specialized and professional help.

Rehabilitation centers

There are special institutions where people are taught how to get rid of gambling addiction. Not all centers are of high quality. Some do not have licenses. It is recommended to try to cure yourself and with the help of people close to you.

There are still few specialized specialists who understand the peculiarities of addiction in sports betting. The focus is mainly on alcoholism and drug addiction.

Gambling addicts rarely apply to such centers and in general, they almost never admit their disease. This greatly complicates the situation, so try to quit betting.

How to quit betting on sports?

When there is no way to get rid of the addiction, the only option is to quit betting. Alcoholics stop drinking and smokers stop smoking in the same way. You need to quit betting once and for all!

Practical recommendations for stopping betting at a bookmaker's office:

  • Block accounts in the BC, if the bookmaker provides such an opportunity (Marathon has an option "Self-exclusion"). You can put "forks" several times to be blocked or have your limits reduced;
  • Do not pay for the Internet and temporarily give up your computer, tablet, smartphone;
  • As soon as there is a strong desire to bet, distract yourself by doing your favorite activity. Perhaps it is reading, sports or fishing. Travel helps well.

Quitting betting is a really effective method. Make a promise to yourself, after all!

Causes of betting addiction

We propose to get acquainted with the main prerequisites for the emergence of addiction. It may be possible to avoid gambling addiction, knowing the causes,

The desire to earn quick money or create a stable income right now. You are not interested in learning how to bet. You want to get rich instantly, but you need to learn and then work to do so. No regular job or hobbies to distract you from betting. No opinion and/or weak character.

Gambling addiction is more susceptible to people with low intelligence who are easily influenced by those around them. If one of the causes is possible in your case, we suggest reading the symptoms to understand if you are addicted to betting.

Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

Symptoms of gambling addiction are easily noticed from the outside. But the person subjected to addiction, it is difficult to identify the main signs of the disease:

  • A constant desire to bet, regardless of the presence of suitable events;
  • Lack of time for other things in life, because you are addicted to living to bet;
  • An irresistible desire to win back after an unsuccessful bet, which sooner or later leads to a loss;
  • You are unhappy because of the betting because it doesn't make you any money, but only takes away money. Perhaps your family is at risk because you spend a lot of time betting, and when communicating with your family - you are very irritable, you almost get pissed off;
  • a loan or credit to play in the BK;
  • It's hard to sleep because of a bet that didn't go through or you wonder how the match will end, which is at night.

Addiction when playing at bookmakers is a dangerous thing. A person stops controlling himself and gets sicker every day.