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Melbet Nigeria Registration, Bonus, and Verification

If you want to place a bet and take advantage of the functionality of the official bookmaker’s website, you must follow a special procedure. Registration is obligatory in the Melbet bookmaker's office: on the official website you can register all newcomers who meet the bookmaker's conditions.

This procedure consists of creating a personal account and going through verification. After successful authorization on your personal account, you will be able to use all bookmakers' products:

  • Place bets;

  • View detailed statistics;

  • Activate and take part in bonus programs;

  • Complete your account in the game;

  • Withdraw your winnings from the betting company and so on.

Register at Melbet

The procedure for registering and setting up a personal account is quite long. It consists in the fact that bets indicate a lot of information and go through verification, i.e. identification of the account holder.

On the Melbet website, registration is easier as the company tries to simplify the procedure for its customers.

In the process of creating an account the bookmaker requires from his customers:

  1. Choose the currency of the future account to play;

  2. Determine the place of residence;

  3. Enter your e-mail address;

  4. Come up with a unique password for future login;

  5. Enter your mobile phone number.

If you have visited the official Melbet website, registration will offer you the choice of a guaranteed bonus as well as a promotional code to get a discount, freebet or to activate an additional type of bonus.

Please note that in addition to these options, you will be asked to provide personal information: full name, exact address and so on. This information must strictly match your documents, i.e. your passport. Otherwise, if the fraud becomes obvious, your account will be blocked and you will not be able to register a second time.

One-Click Registration

Do not take this kind of personal computer creation literally - you cannot create an account with a single click. However, this type of registration in Melbet means you can spend a minimum amount of time creating profile.

Please note that a one-click registration in Melbet still requires you to provide the full range of information and give the necessary data to the bookmaker. Otherwise, the registration will be refused.

Registration by Phone Number

You can quickly create an account by simply selecting your account currency and entering your mobile phone number. With this procedure you can choose a guaranteed bonus and specify a special rebate code.

However, please note that you will still need to provide full information. This is necessary because otherwise you will not be verified and the registration will not make any sense.

Registration by Email

The procedure for setting up a personal account via e-mail is the longest in the first stage, but after that you just need to go through the verification and become a full-fledged customer of the betting company.

Please enter:

  • Country

  • Region

  • City

  • Full  name

  • Currency of account

  • Phone number, but that's not necessary

With this account registration method, you will have to go through 4 steps. You can switch between them in the queue. After filling in your registration data in one window, you will move on to the next.

Melbet Registration Bonus

If you create an account on the bookmaker's website for the first time, you can count on a welcome bonus from the office. The terms and conditions of the offer are presented for reading on the relevant page, which you can go directly through the account registration window.


Better verification is a mandatory procedure, but bookmaker’s administrators do not always ask for it at once. For example, a bookmaker requires verification from some players immediately after registration, and from others after dozens of successfully played bets.

Verification is usually required for customers who have decided to withdraw funds from their in-game account.

Registration on the Mirror

If you need to register on the Melbet website, a mirror is one way to create an account and a personal office. This web portal is completely identical to the official website and is technically directly connected to it.

This means that when you create a personal account on the mirror, you will create it and the official bookmaker of the portal. The same happens in the opposite case. Remember that your account is not connected to one website: after creating a personal computer, you will be able to log in from any mirror directly connected to the bookmaker's office.

Registration in the Application

The procedure for creating a personal account for mobile applications is no different from registering via the official website of the Melbet. You must also provide your personal data and your personal data, which will be verified if necessary.

Registration Bonus

For registering in the application, a new player prize is awarded, which is identical to the welcome bonus for creating an account from the official website of the betting company.

All this is the same bonus, so if you want to receive a reward from your bookmaker, the way you register does not matter. Therefore, by registering even through the mirror, you can still receive the bonus and start betting on the bookmaker's terms and conditions.